7 More ways Yodabooth makes operating events seamless

Your clients and their guests will have a lot of fun with the Yodabooth, and providing them the perfect experience should be as seamless as possible.

In our previous blog post, we explained how the hardware design makes it easy to set up, operate, and brand your Yodabooth machine. This blog post focuses on the Yodabooth software and will show how smooth it will be to create a memorable event for your client.

1. Create from anywhere, play everywhere

Install the Yodabooth software on your computer or laptop and create your configuration from anywhere. You can test the flow of your event using your computer's webcam. Once you're finished, simply upload the configuration to the cloud. The only thing you'll need to do on the Yodabooth is tap the import button to download your configuration.


2. Customize the user experience from A to Z

Each step of the user interface can be customized. Design a theme or branding to provide guests a full immersive experience from the moment they walk up to the Yodabooth to the moment they receive their photo by email.


3. Endless possibilities

Strips are a popular choice for weddings, but the Yodabooth software also offers plenty of layouts to capture portrait, landscape, and square-shaped pictures. Whether you're client is looking for photos, videos, or animated GIF, you will be able to provide the right format for their event. Why not propose a fun green screen activation? Check out our dedicated blog post to learn more about it.


4. Stay in touch

Continue the experience even after the event is over. Guests will receive their photo by via email so they can easily share it to their social media accounts. The message in the email can be fully customized to tailor to your client's needs.


5. Star of the Slideshow


Yodabooth is the first photo booth software able to broadcast a real-time slideshow of pictures taken during the event with the simple use of a URL. Choose the background, the transition animation, adjust the speed and broadcast it on any screen. People will love to see their photo on the big screen!


6. Automated photo gallery

Every photo taken during the event is saved directly to an online gallery. You can give your clients access in two clicks so they can look at all the pictures moments after the event has finished. They'll be able to manage the gallery before sharing it with their guests.


7. Check out the results

Once your event is over, log on to the Yodabooth Back Office to see the collected data and event statistics. Have a look at the graphic that shows when the Yodabooth was most active and how many people shared their photo. Reach out to event attendees who opted-in to your marketing mailing list.

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