7 Ways Yodabooth makes operating events seamless

Yodabooth completely innovates the photo booth experience, providing an all-in-one solution for operators. Sleek hardware makes the best impression at your event, and easy-to-use software opens up endless possibilities to get the result you want.

In this blog post we put the spotlight on 7 ways Yodabooth makes operating events seamless.

1. Any Venue, Any Time

Arrive at the venue in style. The Y19 and Y40 come in two custom transportation bags equipped with wheels. They fit in any car, too.

2. Keeping Setup Simple

A Yodabooth is up and ready in the blink of an eye. Setup time is as little as five minutes. All four pieces fit together without the need for tools and screws.

3. Customize Everything

Branding the exterior of a photo booth has never been easier. Our customizable magnets allow you to create a new look for every event. Has changing outfits ever been this easy?

4. Light It Up

The animated LED lights allow you to create a real light show in the base of the Yodabooth. Imagine the numerous colorful animations that will attract your guests to the booth. Roaring success!

5. High Quality Smiles

The DSLR cameras are integrated neatly into the booth. The camera can be tilted up and down, or turned 90 degrees for a perfect framing. The Yodabooth software will make sure the camera is always in focus, resulting in high quality photos. Even in in low light conditions without the need for a flash. Capturing the perfect shot has never been easier!

6. Memories to Cherish

Want to give guests a nice souvenir from the event? What's better than an instantly printed photo? The Yodabooth Y40's integrated dye-sublimation printer delivers memories in seconds. If you're running out of paper, easily change the roll and ink ribbon without opening the booth. On-site printing never looked better.

7. Shine Bright

Constant lighting in the top of the Yodabooth will provide plenty of light in any setting, and assures the highest quality in every photo taken.

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